Property Management Program


Real Property Solutions, Inc. offers an "all inclusive" Property Management Program.  We have over 10 years experience working with tenants - the pros, the cons - and we know, not we think we know, but we KNOW what is required to manage your property professionally, ethically and legally.  We also know how to work in your favor, as a Landlord, and ensure that you are provided with relevant, usable information to make your decision - tenants going in - but most importantly, so that you are armed to go after and recover any damages as a result of a tenancy gone bad ... tenants going out!

Property Management Program Start-Up Fee: 

$500.00* up front plus 10% per month


Initial Property Inspection - at this inspection, we will consult you on areas of improvement to make your home more appealing to applicants and will make home staging suggestions. 

After all areas of improvement are made and staging is complete, we will take multiple interior and exterior photographs for marketing and flyers.

We will place a yard sign and stocked flyer box in the front yard and several informational flyers in the windows for immediate information to drive-bys.

Our marketing plan includes posting to over  100 online rental directories, GAMLS and our personal website -

We will provide all Rental Applications and Lease Agreements, including Move-In/Out Forms.

We will provide Tenant Screening Services, whereas the tenant will pay an application fee and we will forward to verify the application is accurate - Landlord Verification, Employment Verification and Criminal Background check.  This fee is paid by the tenant to Real Property Solutions, Inc.

Once application verification report is received by our office, we will forward to you for your review.  We will discuss the results with you; however, we do not decide to accept or deny an application. 

Our office will notify the tenant of acceptance and denial of the application.

Once accepted, we will collect the Security Deposit and release that Security Deposit to you and execute the Standard Rental Agreement.

We will follow up with the tenant to insure that they have secured Renter's Insurance and have added you as Additional Insured for future claims against damages to the property.

We will collect all rents.  From the total collected, we will deduct the monthly Property Management Fee and forward the remaining balance to you via standard mail or other means agreed upon.

We will be the liason between you and the tenant in all matters concerning the property, including maintenance issues.  If a maintenance issue arises, we will submit to you a maintenance request form for you to address.  Our office charges a 15% admin fee should we handle vendor hiring and oversee maintenance.  The admin fee is based on the total maintenance bill.

Upon default, we will submit a Notice to Pay or Quit and to begin Eviction proceedings.  Should Eviction be necessary, we can handle that for you for an additional $250 (this does not include paying the move-out crew should dispossession be required).  We will file the necessary documents for the Magistrates Court, obtain the Writ of Possession and file the Fi-Fa on any judgments received. 

Our Start-Up fee does NOT include a co-op fee to another agent who brings a Lessee.  In this case, we will discuss an appropriate co-op fee for your property.  Real Property Solutions, Inc. has a high rate of return in locating and leasing to tenants on our own marketing initiatives without a co-op; however, in order to increase your exposure, it is our suggestion that you bring your home to market in all areas to get  your home occupied with QUALIFIED tenants ASAP!  If you have any questions about our Property Management Program, please call Cynthia Davis at (770) 702-3702 or email

* The $500 Start Up fee will be adjusted upward with homes greater than 2500 sqft and/or more than 4 bedrooms.  Also, start up fee will be discussed and agreed upon with multiple units and/or multi family housing.